Whats up with all the Civic Type-R's?

It seems like it was only yesterday that the 2018 CTR was released. Dealers have been asking ridiculous mark-ups and each dealership is only getting a few. Yet despite this, I've managed to see multitudes of CTR's on the streets. I think on one single trip, I saw 3-4 CTR's in one day. Is it only me or is the CTR not that rare, despite being a halo car? Even my neighbor has one. I get the hype behind it being the first Civic Type-R on US shores, but it doesn't do it for me. I get the impression from most reviews that it's a bit watered down compared to previous type-R's, and the looks are just too out there for me, being a 32yo male. Honestly wish they would've stuck to the more 'pure' formula of previous Type-R's instead of adding all that cladding. Despite its aggressive looks, it will get beat up by many 4-doors in your normal light-to-light drag (Kia Stinger GT for example). Here's to hoping in later years, they sell a more stripped down, 'pure' package which has less body add-ons and electronic nannies, similar to the old Integra Type-R.


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