Opinion: The New Toyota Supra will be disappointing

We've all seen it by now. It's been several years that Toyota has been teasing images of the 5th gen Supra, to be shared on the same platform as the BMW Z4. But will it live up to the hype? The Supra legacy still lives strong to this day, giving it an almost mythical status thanks to the nearly indestructible 2JZ engine. But now that Toyota will be using a BMW-sourced inline-6, will it be the same? If they were going to use the Supra name, it should be pure Toyota through-and-through. Or at least keep the engine Toyota, not shared with BMW. Or, if you're going to share it with BMW, at least name it something different -- it's just not the same when the heart and soul of the car is NOT a Toyota I6.

At this point, they are just trying to ride the Supra name for a few bucks. In the past, the Supra was a top-tier sports car, able to compete with the best from any automaker. But is the Z4 a flagship sports car? Plain and simple: No, its not -- its simply a quick, sporty convertible that isn't at the top of BMW's lineup. So this means the Supra will be kind of a mid-tier car, not the ridiculous, numbers busting car that it was in the past. So for all those expecting it to be the supercar killer that the old Supra was, prepare to be disappointed! At least the new one will probably be more affordable than the MKIV was, relatively speaking, but at least name it something different!


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